March 16, WCSWA Native Plant Sale
Coming Up Soon!

Do you have some “holes” in your woodland that you’d like to fill with some interesting, colorful, or useful native plants? Perhaps these “holes” are now just providing a place for Asian blackberry, scotch broom or other non-native plants! Here’s your chance to get some replacements that will increase plant diversity, provide better habitat opportunities for wildlife, or just improve the aesthetic quality of your woodland. Yes, native plants love to be planted in March! Besides being beautiful, native plants are adapted to local water, soil and climate conditions and are therefore more disease resistant, require less water and are less likely to require pesticides or fertilizers. Birds, bees and other native animals and insects thrive where native plants are available.

Help us get the word out about our Plant and Tree Sale. Flyers will be available at the February 26 WCSWA Meeting for you to post locally or use social media to help spread the word. All profit goes to scholarships at OSU College of Forestry, with preference given to a Washington County student.

A complete list of plants is available on our outreach page: http://new.wcswa.com/wordpress/what-we-do/outreach-activities/

When: March 16, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Where: Oregon Army National Guard Hillsboro Recruiting, 848 NE 28th Ave, Hillsboro

Master Woodland Managers Program:

Washington County has many small woodland owners who have qualified to become Master Woodland Managers under the OSU Extension MWM program. These MWM’s have received training in woodland management science and technology, and are available to serve as volunteer mentor/advisors to other woodland owners.

To receive the services of a MWM, contact Amy Grotta at 503-397-3462

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