April WCSWA Meeting
Creative Use of Timber – A New Era in Building

As a small woodland owner you certainly know how to grow a tree, and probably a pretty big tree too. And you’ve probably used the wood from your trees in a variety of ways. But do you know what it’s like to design with wood as your medium?

Come to our April 23rd WCSWA meeting and find out first-hand what it means to design with mass timber. Kristin Slavin of Path Architecture has focused her career on Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and mass timber. She has worked on local projects like The Radiator, a 5 story heavy timber office building, and Carbon 12, the tallest mass timber building in the USA. She has grown into a specialist designing with this technology, allowing her to travel around the world.

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 23rd
Where: North Plains Fire Hall

Oregon Bees – Valuable Forest Partners

Dr. Christine Buhl, forest entomologist for the Oregon Department of Forestry, enlightened WCSWA members about the world of Oregon bees at the March 26th WCSWA meeting.

Did you know there are over 500 known bee species in Oregon? When people think of bees they most often think of honeybees which are non-native and managed in hives mostly for use in agriculture. Perhaps some also think of some of our wild bees, most of which are native, such as bumblebees. However, we have a wealth of other native bees present in non-agricultural landscapes such as forests. Bees visit many flowering, woody or herbaceous plants growing in forest understory, or along edges and riparian buffers. Article continues on Page 9 of the April 2019 Forest Forum.

Master Woodland Managers Program:

Washington County has many small woodland owners who have qualified to become Master Woodland Managers under the OSU Extension MWM program. These MWM’s have received training in woodland management science and technology, and are available to serve as volunteer mentor/advisors to other woodland owners.

To receive the services of a MWM, contact Amy Grotta at 503-397-3462

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