September 23rd Tour – Mechanized Trail Building

Single Track 240 Trail Building Machine

Single Track 240 Trail Building Machine

Think you’d like to have a trail on your property? Access to the far and near corners of your property may be just what you need to do the periodic monitoring of forest health, or preparing for a needed management activity – or just a trail to walk on and enjoy the blessings of forest land ownership!
WCSWA has arranged an opportunity for you to see how trails can be designed and laid out on the ground, with the help of experts from the Oregon Department of Forestry. Trails can be hand
constructed, but there are also some useful mechanized tools that can do the job. ODF experts Jamaal Rebb, Reid Brown, and Pat Dunlap will host a workshop and demonstration on Saturday,
September 23rd at Brown’s Camp – Kids Sandpile Play Area – in the Tillamook State Forest. The program will start at 9:00 a.m. and go until noon.
The program will include trail location and design, and a review and demonstration of several mechanized trail building machines.

Trail Building Program and Demonstration – September 23rd
Agenda: 9-12 a.m.
♠  Introductions
♠  Trail location and design: What to consider when laying out a trail
♠  Mechanized equipment review:
    1. SWECO Trail Dozer
    2. Bobcat E32 Excavator
    3. ST 240 Single Track Trail Machine
The program hosts will be Jamaal Rebb, Reid Brown, and Pat Dunlap. Jamaal and Reid are Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) specialists with the Tillamook State Forest, and Pat is an OHV Program Equipment Operator. Collectively they have over 35 years of experience locating, designing, constructing, and maintaining trails on the Tillamook State Forest.
An interesting side note: the ST 240 Single Track Trail Machine was developed by a Washington County small woodland owner, Barrett Brown. Barrett worked for several years to develop the concept and a working model. It was tested and found to be feasible. It is now being used by a variety of land management agencies. Barrett has served on ODF recreation advisory committees and is well known as a state-wide citizen expert. Further information on this machine can be found at the website www.singletracktools.com
Directions to the Kids Sandpile Play Area from Forest Grove:
♦ Take Hwy 8 west to Hwy 6
♦ Turn west on Hwy 6. Stay on Hwy 6 to milepost 33. Milepost 33 is at the summit of Hwy 6.
♦ At milepost 33 and the summit of Hwy 6 turn south onto Beaver Dam Road. The Oregon Department of Transportation Sandshed is located on the south side of Hwy 6 at the junction of Beaver Dam Road and Hwy 6.
♦ Stay on Beaver Dam Road for a little more than two miles until you reach a stop sign.
♦ At the stop sign turn left onto Scoggins Road.
♦ Follow Scoggins Road to the second road on the right. The first road on the right is the Powerline Trail. Both are shown on the map.
♦ Turn right onto the second spur road and follow it to the Kids Sandpile Play Area. Parking will be on the left once you arrive at the site.
On Hwy 6 there are approach road signs for Browns Camp about ¼ to ½ mile before the turn. Once on Beaver Dam Road there are directional signs to Browns Camp. The Kids Sandpile Play Area is located on the way to Browns Camp. It is about 3 miles or so from Hwy 6 to the Kids Sandpile Play Area. From Forest Grove people should plan on about 45 minutes to get to the demo site.
Beaver Dam Road and Scoggins Road are gravel forest roads. People should expect to see other traffic, including motorcycles and ATVs on these roads as they are driving to the Kids Sandpile Play Area

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Master Woodland Managers Program:

Washington County has many small woodland owners who have qualified to become Master Woodland Managers under the OSU Extension MWM program. These MWM’s have received training in woodland management science and technology, and are available to serve as volunteer mentor/advisors to other woodland owners.

To receive the services of a MWM, contact Amy Grotta at 503-397-3462

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