Outreach Activities

Native Plant and Tree Sale
Second Saturday of March

Come check out all the beautiful plants at our annual Native Plant Sale! Located indoors at the Cloverleaf Building at the Hillsboro Fair Complex, it’s a perfect place to get some advice about native plants and buy plants that are sometimes difficult to find at regular nurseries.

Most plants are potted, as noted in the plant list. We provide native plant experts to help with selection, boxes for handling and transporting the plants, and general volunteers to help collect and carry the plants to your vehicle. Credit cards, cash, and checks are welcome payment. Come early for the best selection.

The Cloverleaf Building, 802 NE 28th Avenue, is on the far west side of the Washington County Fair Grounds.
From NE Cornell Road in Hillsboro, turn south onto NE 28th Avenue. Watch for the signs to the ample parking lot. See you at the native plant sale!

All profits fund high school natural resources education.
Email K Graham for more information.

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Seedling Sale – Order form in July Newsletter; pickup seedlings Jan/Feb

WCSWA has provided quality Douglas-fir and Western Red Cedar seedlings to our members since 1999. The Douglas-fir seedlings are grown for Washington County Small Woodlands Association (WCSWA) at Lewis River Reforestation in Woodland, Washington using Vernonia High Gain Douglas-fir seeds provided by the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Vernonia Block at Schroeder Seed Orchard. These seedlings have superior growing characteristics and are intended to maximize growing potential. They are not genetically modified organisms, but are the result of breeding parent trees with superior growing characteristics from trees selected from our area. The Western Red Cedar seedlings are purchased from Lewis River Reforestation seedling stock. This seedling program is an important service to members and a fund raising source for WCSWA. One-half of the profit funds the organization’s activities. The other half is added to the Plant Sale profit and is donated to Oregon State University College of Forestry Scholarship Fund to be awarded to students from Washington County. Seedling order forms are sent out each summer with the WCSWA newsletter. For more information email Donald Sohler or Bob Shumaker

Displaying a plant



Oregon State University’s College of Forestry is regarded as a premier College of Forestry in the United States. Any student from Washington County who is enrolled in OSU’s College of Forestry may apply for a Washington County Small Woodland Association (WCSWA) scholarship. The scholarships are funded through WCSWA’s Native Plant and Tree Sale and WCSWA’s Seedling sale. Through these scholarships, we help ensure that woodland owners have well-trained professionals to assist with forestry stewardship.